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Reasons to Rent Tables and Chairs When Hosting an Outdoor Wedding

Many wedding couples choose an outdoor wedding as their wedding location of choice. The outdoors provides a natural backdrop, setting the tone for an incredible event and beautiful guest experience. An outdoor wedding can take place at venues that offer an outdoor setting or can be held even at home – Many wedding couples choose to have an outdoor wedding at home. With weddings at home, couples have the luxury of saving money on the cost of a venue thereby leaving room in the budget for outdoor wedding decorations and wedding table and chair rentals.

There’s really no need to purchase tables, chairs, or tabletop items for a wedding when event rentals make the process so simple, reasonable, and efficient!

From saving money to added convenience, there are many benefits to renting tables and chairs when hosting an outdoor wedding. Let’s take a closer look to understand the reasons and benefits of renting tables and chairs for an outdoor wedding at home.


Outdoor weddings on a budget are always a hot topic. Weddings can be expensive, so who doesn’t want to save money where they can when planning such a milestone event? Table and chair rentals save you money in comparison to purchasing them. Not to mention, purchasing tables and chairs for your wedding would leave you with a lot of tables and chairs to store after the reception. Where are you going to put 20 tables and over 100 chairs after the wedding?

There’s no point in purchasing tables and chairs for a wedding and spending the money on owning so many extra tables and chairs – this would be pointless. Renting tables and chairs is much easier and more cost-effective. Rent the tables and chairs for the wedding, and then return them.


The convenience of renting tables and chairs couldn’t be easier. When you collaborate with a local rental company, the sales specialist will guide you in selecting the table rentals and chair rentals that you want/need based on the following outdoor wedding details:

  • Guest Count
  • Wedding Budget
  • Event Layout
  • Decor Vision

The rental company will assist you every step of the way in order to make the best decisions for the outdoor event, help to place the order, and handle the rest of the process so that the items are delivered to the outdoor wedding location. If setup is required, the rental company can provide that as well.

Table and Chair Rentals

Wide Selection of Table and Chair Rentals

There are many wedding chair rentals and tables to choose from when designing an outdoor wedding at home. The wedding table rentals you choose are up to you based on the look you want to create for the outdoor wedding at home. Round tables, rectangular tables, and high-top tables are popular options. Mixing and matching the styles of the tables you rent is a great idea too, as it gives a unique look to the outdoor layout. The wide selection of wedding chair rentals makes it easy to design a ceremony seating set up and also to match the right chair to complete the look of the reception table design. Chiviari chairs are very popular for weddings. The color of the Chiavari chair can be selected to match the decor. If a cross-back chair, bamboo chair, resin chair, or another chair rental is on your mind, speak with your rental specialist to best select the chairs to rent for the outdoor wedding.

Delivery – Set and Forget

When renting tables and chairs for an outdoor wedding, the delivery process is smooth and efficient. Once you place an order, the rental company will have it set in their system to deliver the rentals on the specified day, at a specific time, to the specific outdoor location of choice. The setup, breakdown, and pick-up instructions and date/time will be provided too. With so many planning details to juggle through the wedding planning process, it’s great that the rental delivery and pick-up process can make planning a little bit easier.

Easy Clean-Up

Renting tables, chairs, and tabletop decor items for an outdoor wedding makes clean-up super easy. The rental company will provide you with information on how/where to leave the items for pick up after the wedding. The rental company handles the cleaning and sanitizing of the rental items once they pick them up from the outdoor wedding location. 

Tabletop Decor: Linens, Glassware, and More!

In addition to table and chair rentals, tabletop decor items can be rented too. Table linens, chargers, glassware, flatware, and napkins are the perfect pieces to rent to add to the decor for a wedding at home in order to complete the table design look. You may even want to rent a dance floor. A dance floor can be set up for outdoor weddings and adds a beautiful aesthetic to the reception layout. Your rental company can help you add these items to your order. It’s always great when you can work with one company for all your event rental needs. Having one point of contact and one delivery for all rental items relieves the stress of needing to juggle multiple vendors with multiple delivery/pick-up times.

Keep in Mind: Have a Plan B

Even though the wedding host dreams of an outdoor wedding, the reality is, a Plan B is necessary. While you can plan for every detail of an outdoor wedding at home, the weather is out of your control. For this reason, consider a tented outdoor wedding as this may protect the layout (and guests) from rain. Renting a tent for an outdoor wedding is also beneficial for extremely hot, sunny environments to keep guests cooler in the shade. However, having an indoor event option may be beneficial, just in case the weather truly doesn’t allow for an outdoor event. Speak with your rental company about your Plan B as the indoor reception location may require different rental items and a different setup time/location. Being prepared is key!

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