Brand Resources

We are so happy to share our logos and branding with you for all of your promotional needs! 

atlas event rental Logo Guidelines

When using our logos, please note the following:

  • The full color primary logo should be used in most instances. If it is not clearly legible, please use one of the monochrome logos in its place.
  • Please maintain the color, shape, and proportions of our logo.
  • Please do not modify the design or color of the logos.
  • Do ensure that you leave enough space around the logo for it to be clear and uncluttered.
  • Please use the logo at a legible size.
  • If using our logo on a website, please hyperlink to
  • If you aren’t sure which logo to use or if it looks right, please reach out and ask!

Primary Logo

Full color primary logo
Atlas Logo in White on Pink background
White primary logo
Atlas Logo in Charcoal Gray
Charcoal primary logo

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo may be used in place of our primary logo if it fits the space better for proper placement and aesthetic purposes.

Atlas Secondary Logo in Color
Full color secondary logo
Atlas Secondary Logo in White on Pink
White secondary logo
Atlas Secondary Logo in Charcoal
Charcoal secondary logo

Brand Colors

Please do not alter our brand colors. We have chosen specific shades that we love and combined them specifically to create our beautiful and unique branding!


HEX – #F06692
CMYK – 0/75/15/0


CMYK – 0/21/2/0

Atlas Pink

HEX – #ED037C
CMYK – 0/100/15/0
PMS – 226


CMYK – 0/0/0/0


HEX – #3A3A3A
CMYK – 69/62/61/52


HEX – #D8AF79
CMYK – 16/31/59/0