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Beach Wedding Rentals

How To Ensure You Have The Right Rentals For Your Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is a dream for many couples, with the picturesque backdrop of crystal blue waters and white sandy shores. From destination beach weddings to planning a beach wedding that is local to the couple, a wedding ceremony and reception on the beach make for a beautiful setting. However, planning a beach wedding can be a challenge, especially when it comes to selecting the best event rentals for the ceremony and reception.

Many factors go into planning a beach wedding and with that comes the selection of beach wedding rentals. To determine the right beach wedding rentals, there are a few things to consider before getting to the rental selection part of the process.

Understand Your Wedding Budget

It’s important to establish your wedding budget at the start of the planning process and include the non-negotiables –  the things you simply can’t do without. The non-negotiables may include specific wedding vision items and decor, as well as chair rentals for the ceremony and reception,  tables, tabletop decor, and a dance floor. You may also want to include a tent in non-negotiables for a beach wedding depending upon the climate and time of day of the reception. With an established budget, you are best equipped to make decisions and allocate funds for the venue space, the various vendors, and the rental items you need for the beach wedding.

Have a Plan B

While we always hope for the best weather, when planning an outdoor event, it’s critical to have an alternate plan in case of inclement weather. If a beach wedding is what you want, it’s important to be just as happy with your backup plan —  just in case. For some, having to think about a Plan B is reason enough not to plan an outdoor wedding. However, if a beach wedding is what you want, go ahead and plan it — just have an alternate plan available and make sure to let all vendors, including the event rental company, know of the alternate plan.

Beach Venue Selection: Destination Wedding or Local Beach?

If you live local to beaches, a beach wedding could be a great option. However, many wedding couples who don’t live near a beach or want a destination wedding, require a destination wedding planning process. Depending upon the destination of choice, there are many wedding venues located on beaches (or with views of the beach). It’s important to decide the location of the destination wedding and from there, determine which beach venue is the best fit for your needs. Remember, a destination wedding might make for stunning photographs, but it could add complexities in terms of travel and accommodation for you and your guests.

Destination Beach Wedding Rentals

When planning a destination wedding, it’s best to work virtually to avoid several in-person planning meetings which would cost a lot of money, and time. It has become much easier to plan a wedding virtually. From Facetime meetings with a destination wedding planner, virtual venue tours to understand the event layout, and visiting an event rental company’s website to browse inventory, it’s quick and efficient to plan a wedding without being in person.

If opting for a local beach or a destination beach that does not have a traditional venue event space, you will need to consider the following:

  1. Beach venue permits
  2. Avoiding crowded areas
  3. Ensuring a reception layout that optimizes the beach setting
  4. Seating, furniture, and dancefloors are sturdy and made for the outdoors

Understanding the Essential Beach Wedding Rentals

Once you have your beach wedding location secured, you can start to think about the beach wedding rentals you will need.

Whether it’s a small beach wedding or a large guest list, a local event rental company will be able to walk you through typical rental needs for a beach wedding while also explaining some of the challenges.

Rental companies face some challenges when providing rentals for beach weddings that are not held at a traditional beach wedding venue. Most beaches are public. Figuring out drop-off/pick-up times, determining how the truck can get close to delivering on the beach, and how to get the items on the sand are all part of the logistical issues that arise for beach weddings. With logistical issues, likely strict delivery windows, and required site visits before the event, extra fees are incurred for beach weddings that would not be necessary for a typical wedding venue location. To save on these costs, you can opt to pick up, set up, and drop off items yourself instead of having the rentals delivered.

Beach Furniture Rentals

While you may have an ideal beach wedding ideas decor scheme in mind, you will need to consider which rental items can be used on the beach. Ask your local event rental company which items are sandproof. You should also ask which table and chair rentals won’t sink in the sand.  The type of sand, soft or hard, can also impact which rentals can be used. Each rental company will have its own rules for which items they allow to rent for beach weddings. Some rentals may be which reserved for indoor events, or outdoors on grounds that are not sand.

Chair rentals for the ceremony and/or reception could include a bamboo chair or a white resin chair. Either goes beautifully in the beach setting.

Beach Wedding Rentals, Bamboo Chairs

Round or rectangular tables are traditionally used for a wedding reception. If serving buffet style, remember to order buffet tables and any other catering equipment rentals that may be needed. While a beach wedding may come with an enchanting setting, it also brings with it unique challenges when it comes to catering. Whether you’re hosting a seaside clambake, a tropical luau, or a classic seated dinner, having the right catering equipment in place is a key aspect of ensuring your reception runs smoothly. Feeding your guests is an integral part of any wedding celebration, and the right equipment can make a difference in the quality and presentation of your meal. When considering catering equipment rentals, your choices will largely be determined by the type of meal you’re planning to serve. Are you considering a buffet-style meal, or will it be a sit-down dinner? Will there be a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres? Each of these formats requires different types of equipment. Bars for cocktail hour and reception can also be rented as well as bar accessories including slim Jim garbage cans and coolers.

Beach Dance Floor Rentals

When considering a dance floor on the beach, your rental company will be able to assist in how it would be set up on the sand. An outdoor dance floor likely needs subflooring which can be rented.

Beach Wedding Dance Floor Rental

Wedding Linens and Tabletop Decor

With an understanding of which rental items can be used for beach weddings, you can choose the rentals that enhance the natural aesthetic of the environment while coordinating with the wedding decor vision. When selecting wedding linen rentals for a beach wedding, natural tones are always beautiful and pair well with the surroundings. The linens you choose for your tables can have a big impact on your overall wedding look. Soft, flowing fabrics in light shades can mimic the breezy beach surroundings. If you’re aiming for a more formal setting, consider richly textured fabrics like damask or velvet in deep ocean hues.

A romantic beach wedding look could include tabletop items that coordinate with the natural look or, consider a pop of color with a beautiful charger plate or colored goblet. For dinnerware rentals, classic white china is always a safe bet, but don’t be afraid to play with color and patterns. Consider one of our sea sponge charger plates to add depth to the decor, or glassware in shades of blue or green to bring in the colors of the sea.

Tabletop Rentals for Beach Weddings

Don’t Forget About Guest Comfort

A wedding on the beach is beautiful, but guest comfort needs to be at the forefront of planning. Don’t forget to provide some shaded areas for your guests. If a tent does not cover the entire wedding, consider renting parasols or large umbrellas and placing them strategically around your ceremony and reception areas. Not only will they provide relief from the sun, but they can also serve as a unique decorative feature. Staff comfort is key as well. Shaded areas for catering staff, photographers, and entertainment staff should be taken into consideration when designing the event layout. Provide bug spray for everyone in attendance and ensure adequate bathrooms are available too.

Accentuating and optimizing the landscape of the beach is key. Wedding couples can work with a planner, rental company, and their beach wedding venue contact to pull the various elements together that are needed to create the beach wedding vision of their dreams.

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