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Corporate Event Rentals

Selecting The Right Rental Equipment For Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events make up a large majority of the events produced each year by the global events industry. While some corporate events have continued to occur virtually since the pandemic, most are back to in-person. According to The Event Planner Expo, 98% of event organizers planned to host at least one in-person event in 2023, while 85% planned to host at least three events.

There are many types of corporate events. Networking events, meetings, corporate luncheons, mix and mingles, cocktail hours, and business dinners all fall under the corporate event umbrella and require planning. From budget and guest list, venue and vendor selection, decor vision, and event strategy, the corporate event planning process is as detailed as a social event even if the focus and purpose vary.

When planning a corporate event and deciding upon rental equipment, there are a few key factors to consider to make the best decisions for the needs of the event.

What To Consider When Renting Equipment for a Corporate Event

Corporate Event Rental Options

The Corporate Event Venue

The venue at which the event takes place will play a significant role in helping you select the event rentals you need. During the venue selection process, it’s worth paying attention to what the venues offer as some include more options than others. You’ll want to evaluate the venue’s inventory to determine if you need to rent tables and chairs, lounge furniture, podiums, bars and bar equipment, staging, pipe and drape, tabletop items, and catering equipment. It’s also critical to consider the lighting and audio-visual setup at the venue. Connectivity is very important for corporate events, so much so that many venues have now ensured that wifi, virtual capabilities for live streaming, and charging stations are in place. If lighting doesn’t meet the needs of the event, renting the right lighting will be beneficial.

Is the venue indoors or outdoors? Outdoor venues may require different rental equipment than indoor venues. It’s important to take into account attendee comfort so if hosting the corporate event outdoors, consider event equipment rentals such as heaters, umbrellas, and tenting.

When planning a corporate event, renting items that complement the venue’s inventory is often a great idea for working within a budget. An event rental specialist can assist you in combining the venue’s items with corporate event decor rentals to create the perfect look for your corporate event.

The Corporate Event Theme

Corporate events typically have an overall event theme. This theme is utilized in many ways. From incorporating company branding and naming the event something catchy that coincides with the theme to enticing attendees leading up to the event with sneak peeks, and promoting who the guest speakers are and their topics, an event theme is valuable in so many ways for corporate event planning.

Corporate event themes also carry over to the decor vision. The theme will help you select the tabletop items in a specific color or style while also giving opportunity for rentals such as red carpets, bars, and lounge furniture. If you struggle to come up with a theme, speaking with a corporate event planner could be beneficial! Corporate event planners are very experienced and have an abundance of fun corporate event ideas.

Corporate Event Theme

Attendee List

How many attendees will be invited to the event? Understanding the guest list and RSVP count will assist in determining the rental order. Once RSVPs are received, you will be able to make a final decision on seating (either ensuring enough chairs are rented or choosing lounge furniture to seat attendees) as well as give the caterer a count so they can prepare the food in accurate quantities.

Corporate Event Catering

While some venues include catering in the event package, catering for corporate events may require hiring an outside caterer. Understanding the event’s catering needs in conjunction with onsite or offsite catering will help determine if renting catering equipment is necessary.

To add a fun catering element to the event, consider renting a cotton candy or sno cone machine. Attendees will always appreciate these catering touches that add to the unique guest experience of the event!

Corporate Event Catering

Corporate Event Entertainment

Most corporate events ideas will include some type, or various types, of entertainment. Will there be a guest speaker at the event? If so, you may need to rent staging and a podium. Staging may also be needed if a band will be playing during the event.

A raffle drum may be rented if hosting a raffle at the event and a red carpet for a fun Hollywood vibe for photo opportunities. Rental games are an option too, from foosball to pop a shot to poker. These games elicit engagement between attendees which fosters communication and networking in a creative, fun way!

There are many rental equipment options for events. An Atlas Event Rental specialist is always happy to assist with an order and answer any questions in regards to the event’s needs. Schedule an appointment now to start planning your next corporate event.


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