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Throwing the Perfect Garden Party Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a key milestone in the wedding planning process. With many wedding-related events taking place in addition to the actual reception, the bridal shower is that one wedding-related event when the bride can gather with her friends and family, get showered with love and gifts, and celebrate the upcoming wedding together.

There are many decorative themes to consider when planning a bridal shower. However, a garden party bridal shower is always a beautiful choice!

If you aren’t sure how to throw the perfect garden party bridal shower, we have you covered on how to host a great garden party.

Bridal Shower Decor

First, Who Is Planning the Garden Party Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are often planned by the bride, but equally as often, planned by a member of the bridal party. If someone other than the bride is planning the shower, be sure that the bride provides a wish list of what she would like for her bridal shower. It’s also best to iron out who is planning the event so that the person in charge has all the details in place including the budget and guest list. The guest list comes in handy for understanding headcount, sending out bridal shower invitations, and creating the bridal shower seating chart.

What Supplies Will I need to Host a Great Garden Party?

Bridal Shower Invitations

When selecting bridal shower invitations, it’s really up to the team that’s planning the shower to determine the style. There are so many beautiful invites to choose from that it can be hard to decide which direction to go with when it comes to color and style. For example, should the theme of the invites match the wedding decor scheme, or can the bridal shower color scheme go in another direction that takes into account the garden party theme? There’s no right or wrong answer! Work with an invitation specialist to design the best bridal shower invites for the event. Email invites are also an option and may prove more cost-effective, too.

Garden Party Bridal Shower Layout

Garden Party Bridal Shower Venue & Layout

Where to host the bridal shower is an important decision to make in the planning process. A garden bridal shower can be an intimate outdoor event at home or at a venue that offers an environment that fits the garden theme bridal shower.

Consider the size of an at-home outdoor space in relation to the guest list. If the space is large enough to meet the needs, a backyard garden party is a great option.

Many venues offer outdoor spaces for events as well. Review the venues in your area to see what they offer – if a venue has an outdoor space at a price that fits the budget and offers menu options that are appealing, along with other details that are in line with the event vision, weigh the two location options to make the best decision for your event.

Once the location is selected, you can start designing the layout for the bridal shower. Seating styles for garden party bridal showers can be arranged in a variety of ways. Traditional round tables are always a good option. To mix things up, renting banquet tables or a mix of round and rectangle tables would make for a beautiful outdoor layout too.

For a casual vibe, consider high-top tables or a mix of high-top tables and lounge-style seating. When selecting chairs, match the style to the vision of the event. Chiavari chairs are popular and provide a classic, elegant look. Remember to rent a peacock chair for the bride-to-be! The peacock chair is the location where the bride can sit as the center of attention when opening bridal shower gifts.

Perfect Garden Party Table

With a garden party theme and outdoor seating, keep the weather in mind. Let your rental company know that the rentals will be used outdoors, so that they recommend the best rental options to you in relation to the environment. No one wants to consider rain, but it can happen. From a brief thunderstorm to a full rain out, it is valuable to have a Plan B in place. Either a rain date or an indoor location would suffice. Or consider a tent over the seating area to protect guests and the decor from the possibility of rain as well. A tent can be used rain or shine and adds to the aesthetic design of the event.

Bridal Shower Decor

Selecting bridal shower decor is a fun part of the bridal shower planning process! With a garden party theme in mind, there are many bridal shower ideas using beautiful rentals that would enhance the decor.

First, take into consideration the decor theme for the wedding. If the wedding couple is using the same color palette throughout their wedding-related events, decide if the bridal shower event is included in that decor scheme so that the rental decor is selected appropriately.

The linens that dress the tables add much to the decor of a bridal shower. For a garden-themed bridal shower, we love our Bridgerton linen collection! Our Bridgerton Rose linen is always perfect for a bridal shower and especially for those brides who can’t get enough pink. If you are looking to go in another color direction but still love the sweet elegance of the Bridgerton collection, the Bridgerton Yale linen in blue and white offers the same sophisticated sweetness, but in another color palette. Or, the Bridgerton Lily is just as romantic and feminine, and perfect for a garden bridal shower! Consider mixing and matching the Bridgerton Lily and Bridgerton Rose if you can’t decide which you want to rent for the shower. Pair table linens with a beautiful colored water goblet, a statement charger plate, and elegant flatware. Often overlooked is the power of a napkin ring. Add a napkin ring to the table decor to complete the overall rental decor design.

Garden Party Rentals

For the center of the tables, please don’t forget about the flowers. Work with a local florist to customize floral arrangements for the tables. Consider a flower bar rental and/or a flower wall to add to the decor. It’s a great idea to connect your florist and rental company so that they can discuss the tabletop design and overall event vision. The rental company can play off the floral arrangement plan, and vice versa, to complete the look for the garden bridal shower decorations. Balloon displays are extremely popular as well, and provide a beautiful, unique visual experience for guests.

Bridal Shower Catering: What to Serve

Customize the garden party bridal shower with unique and delicious catering ideas.

Whether you collaborate with a caterer to plan a menu or prepare everything yourself (we love a DIY!), you will want to decide if you are serving buffet style or a seated meal.

If you’re hosting a bridal shower brunch, mimosas, mini sandwiches, and salad options are ideal. Breakfast foods are also a hit!

For dessert, a candy table and dessert buffet are always loved by guests. Mini cupcakes, macaroons, and a variety of pretty candy add an element of decor to the shower while also satisfying the dessert portion of the catering menu. Trending today are charcuterie boards that feature a variety of meats, fruits, and cheeses which are beautifully displayed. A charcuterie board display makes an excellent addition to a garden bridal shower menu.

Catering Supplies

Catering equipment rentals are available for bridal showers. Consider serving pieces such as cake stands, serving forks, serving spoons, beverage dispensers, platters, and trays. These serving items come in handy for pass-around hors devours, buffet tables, and dessert displays. For a unique snack to serve at the bridal shower, consider renting a cotton candy machine. The pretty (and sweet) colors of cotton candy add a fun aesthetic to the event while satisfying every sweet tooth.

Bridal Shower Party Favors

A party favor is an adorable element that adds to the bridal shower decor while also giving guests a treat to take home. Depending upon budget, there are many cute bridal shower party favor ideas to consider. Custom cookies, designed to match the decor scheme are a nice touch. If you don’t want to do food, consider a pretty candle, an elegant picture frame, or accessories such as makeup cases, travel pouches, or hair accessories – all great options. Many brands and website offer customizations and discounts on large orders which specifically cater to bridal showers and wedding-related events.

Bridal Shower Games

Love them or hate them, bridal shower games are part of the experience! It’s easy today to search online for the top bridal shower games to play at your event. An extremely popular (and easy) shower game to play is to have each shower guest write wedding advice on a card. Give the cards out at each place setting (and provide cute pens for each guest) and ask them to provide the bride-to-be with wedding advice. Once all guests have completed the cards, collect them, and have the bride-to-be read the advice aloud. Think ahead and have a keepsake box designed and ready to hold the cards for the bride to take home!

Another popular game is Bridal Trivia. Set the table with a trivia card at each place setting. Printables for Bridal Trivia can be found online – use pre-set designs or customize your own to fit the theme and wedding couple… and enjoy!

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