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Renting Furniture for Events in Miami

What You Should Know About Furniture Rentals for Events

There’s a lot to know about furniture rentals for events in Miami! From indoor weddings and outdoor events to at-home social parties and corporate events at venues, rentals for parties in Miami are a high-demand need for anyone planning an event in South Florida.

There are many options to consider when renting event furniture options in Miami. It really depends upon the needs of the event.

What Are Your Event Furniture Options?

At home or at a venue, events in Miami will likely require furniture rentals. But what are the options from which to choose when renting furniture for events in Miami? Here are some of your options:

Table Rentals: Sizes and Styles To Choose From

The tables you rent will depend upon several factors. First, if the event in Miami is at a venue, it will first depend on the venue’s table inventory. You would first check to see what style and how many tables are on hand before deciding on additional tables to rent. Speak with your venue contact to better understand the venue’s table inventory so that you can accurately plan the additional tables to rent for your event. Once you have a guest count and event layout style in mind, you will be able to work with an event rental company to fill in the remaining tables that are needed to compliment the venue’s inventory.

From round tables to rectangular tables for a reception, to hi-top tables and cocktail tables for a lounge vibe or cocktail hour, to picnic tables for an outdoor picnic-style event, there are many table options to choose from for an event. If you aren’t sure how to design the table layouts for your event, just ask your rental company specialist for assistance. They can review your event vision along with other factors (where the event is located, guest count, and event budget) in order to help you select the best table rentals for your event.

Picnic Style Table for Events in Miami

Chairs: Complete The Table Setting Look

Chairs are a big part of the essential event furniture to rent in Miami for events. Based on the table rentals and tabletop design, selecting chairs to rent is another event furniture rental option. The chairs you rent should be selected to match the event decor and style of the event. Quite often, people don’t realize just how important the chairs are to the overall event aesthetic! The right chair rental will complete the look of a table setting.

Chiavari chairs are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor events for all types of events in Miami. Chiavari chairs come in a variety of colors as well as have coordinating chair cushions that can be chosen to coordinate with the event decor color scheme.

When selecting event furniture in Miami, consider the vast inventory of chair rental options that the rental company has to offer. Many other types of chair rentals, including vintage chairs, are available and would largely depend upon which style pairs best with the event decor scheme.

Hotel Wedding Rentals | Black Ghost Chairs

Lounge Furniture: A Total Vibe

Lounge furniture is a popular event furniture rental in Miami as it gives off a classy yet laid-back cocktail vibe. Used in layouts for both indoors and outdoors, the cocktail hour vibe that lounge furniture provides works for various types of events. From weddings and social events to corporate and networking events, lounge furniture gives a place for people to sit casually without assigned seating. Utilize lounge furniture for cocktail hours or for creating intimate settings within a layout. Lounge furniture is also a great event furniture rental in Miami for Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, as it is often used as the seating for the kids’ side of the room.

Lounge seating at a Bat Mitzvah | Rental Trends

Podiums: For Speakers At Events

Podiums are an essential event furniture rental in Miami for both wedding ceremonies and corporate events. A podium is useful when there is a speaker at an event. The podium provides the speaker with a location and a focal point within the layout so that the seating is precisely arranged to view the podium location.

Bars: A Focal Point

Statement bars are a critical event furniture rental that is often overlooked. Beyond being a spot for serving drinks, a statement bar can be a focal point in an event layout. A unique bar rental provides an additional aesthetic to the event, while offering a place for the bartender to set up and provide drinks.

Statement bars come in various styles. Some bars can also be used as decorative storage for swags, giveaway items, and anything else you wish to display or store at an event.

Atlas Event Rental Acrylic Bar

Cubbies: So Many Uses!

Renting cubbies as part of an event furniture rental order is a great idea for Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, Sweet 16’s, and any event where guests need a place to store items. Cubbies are often used for shoes, coats, and party favors.

Cubbies are also a focal point for storing event swag. The addition of cubbies for event swag adds a decor element as well as a functional space for storage.

Cubbies can also be used as a back bar display which allows the bartender to display glassware and bottles as part of their unique setup for the event.

atlas event rental cubbies white

It’s Important to Note the Following When Renting Furniture for Events in Miami:

Weather: If the event is being hosted outdoors in Miami, speak with your rental company regarding set-up needs so that you are prepared for inclement weather during set-up, or even during the event. If storms are forecasted, the rental company will know what to do in terms of adjusting the setup window to ensure that the items do not get wet during a storm. Some of the rental items may not be water resistant, so speak with your rental company to review your order for an outdoor event, in order to limit any possible issues in advance.

If you are planning an outdoor event and a location Plan B is in place, let your event furniture rental company know of the Plan B location in advance of the event date. A Plan B (change of location) for the event may require different wedding rentals as well as an adjustment to the scheduled delivery – this should be in place in advance of the event date. Last-minute changes are not ideal and may risk inventory not being available.

Event furniture rentals may require various rental companies. If you can’t get all of your event furniture rentals in Miami from one rental company, it’s wise to connect your vendors during the planning process. It’s best when event vendors are in contact throughout planning to ensure a smooth setup process. The more communication between vendors, the better!

Place event furniture orders as early as you can.

It’s ideal to order event furniture in Miami as soon as you know it will be needed. Rental companies are very busy in the Miami area, so reserving your furniture rental in advance is critical to ensuring that it is available for your event!

If you would like assistance selecting your furniture rentals for Miami events, feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our event rental specialists. With rental showrooms in Miami, Boynton Beach, and Stuart Florida, our event rental specialists are here to assist you in person, by phone, email, and FaceTime!

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