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Goodbye pastels, sayonara moody tones, and hello vibrancy! 2020 is most certainly a year of going big and bold with color palettes and we could not be more excited. We have seen a bit of this popping up in certain themes in recent years (think tropical and festival-inspired celebrations), but this year, bright colors are transcending themes and owning the bold and vibrant trend.

That means it is time to usher in shades like sky blue, sunny yellow, hot pink, and bold red while seeing the exit of softer tones like blush and lilac.

We all know that the Pantone Color of the Year typically has an impact on the trends of the year and this year’s, Classic Blue, is sure to shine this year — and you will see that several of the experts below tend to agree.

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In this video, watch experts from around the world, including Heather Rouffe, Managing Partner of Atlas Event Rental, share their takes on what will be trending in weddings in 2020.


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Rentals form the base of any excellent event. Tables, chairs, bars, linens, tabletop items, drapery, lighting and decor come together to transform a plain and simple event space into one that is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring for clients and guests alike.

Beyond the basics, it is important to understand the rentals at your disposal when you work with a rental company and how they can assist you in terms of logistics and aesthetics.

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Heather Rouffe, Director of Sales and Managing Partner of Atlas Event Rental shares why excellent customer service is essential in any business, how you can under-promise and over-deliver and how to help mitigate customer service issues by going after the right prospects.

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From garden chic to modern minimalist, we have seen all sorts of trends come and go in the special events industry. Some are mere fads, lasting only a short while, and others are fashions that transform into multiple iterations throughout its time in the spotlight (think metallics).

Each year, we welcome a host of new trends as we see others make their way out the back door. As event pros, it is our duty to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to provide our clients with the latest styles and designs.

Here are a few rental trends to keep an eye out for in 2020.


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When you think about industry collaborations, there are likely some partnerships that naturally make sense. Designers and photographers, venues and caterers, rental companies and florists, and even cake designers and stationers—these are all alliances that complement each other to create a cohesive product or service. Partnerships across specialties are an excellent way to reach new prospects and build your network from within the industry.

With that said, there is less attention afforded to partnerships between similar companies. In a market where oversaturation breeds competition, it is hard for event pros to see their competitors as someone that they would collaborate with peacefully.

However, working alongside companies that provide similar products or services can actually be a strategy that supports both sides of the partnership.

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There’s no hiding the fact that wedding planning can be stressful, even when you have the best vendors on your side. After all, the process requires a lot of decisions and, when you factor in the opinions coming in all directions, it’s common for conflicts to arise between couples and possibly their families.

With that said, weddings are about love and family; disagreements can soil what should be a special celebratory period. Instead of getting heated, seek compromises and work together to find resolutions to the obstacles faced along the way.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common wedding planning challenges and how to overcome them for a smooth and amicable process.

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In a perfect world, caterers and rental companies go together like bread and butter. Both services complement each other in the overall event design, and it is hard to imagine one company without the other. You cannot set a buffet without a table and linens, and there is no use for a place setting without a delicious meal.

Benefits on both sides

Caterers need to build a good relationship with rental companies because most do not stock all of their own equipment, so they will likely need rentals for every event. A caterer can offer more items if they work closely with a trusted rental company that can assist in providing linens, equipment, and décor pieces. Clients will appreciate the connection when it means they have one less vendor that they need to research and interview.

On the other hand, rental companies are not typically the first vendor a client thinks of when planning an event, so a solid referral from a caterer can go a long way in new business. Having a strong connection with a caterer provides an opportunity to display products and reach new clients and markets that they may not be able to reach on their own.

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