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forth of july decorated table

How to Throw a July 4th Party to Be Remembered

The fourth of July is a prime time for a backyard party. Fourth of July decorations and backyard party ideas seem to be all people talk about leading up to the holiday!

School is out, summer is in, and a backyard celebration for the Fourth of July is the perfect way to enjoy the downtime and the season.

When planning a backyard party, there are many factors to consider in order to throw a July 4th party to be remembered.

This article outlines the four key ideas to focus on when planning a July 4th party at home. These tips will keep your planning organized with unique details to wow your guests!


4th of July Catering 

What’s a party without food? Guests arrive hungry and definitely look to the 4th of July party food to not only taste good but to be on theme, provide a unique experience, and be aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

There are many catering options for a backyard party that can feature a 4th of July theme. To start, consider catering equipment such as a grill rental if you are hosting a large number of people that a standard backyard grill can’t accommodate. A grill rental will help you to cook more food in less time. With a grill at a backyard party at your home, you can offer traditional Fourth of July party food such as hamburgers and hotdogs along with grilled chicken and vegetarian options too.

Mini foods are always a hit with guests and provide that unique food experience that a good party always offers to those in attendance. Mini foods such as mini hamburgers and mini grilled cheese sandwiches are always a big hit. Serve French fries in a mini fry basket, and don’t forget dessert –  bite-size desserts are always easy (and fun!) to eat and serve.

4th of July Catering 

A cooler rental is ideal to keep the outdoor beverages cold. If you are serving Fourth of July desserts that are frozen, such as popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, a cooler rental is the best place for storage until serving! Don’t forget about the options for a cotton candy rental machine and sno cone rental machine for the kids, and the adults too! Guests love cotton candy and sno cones any time of year, especially on the 4th of July! The experience of both rental options would add to the theme as well.

4th of July Decorations

With the party food covered, Fourth of July decorations are next on the list. The red, white, and blue decor will add to the ambiance of the party theme. Consider red, white, and blue balloons either from a local party store or a custom balloon designer, who can build something unique for the space that will enhance the Fourth of July theme.

A holiday-themed table layout, using event rental items, such as table linens, and tabletop décor, including colored glassware and a specialty charger plate can be strategically coordinated in the colors and theme of a Fourth of July backyard party. These rentals will satisfy the decor need while also providing the rental essentials for guests at your event.

There are many tabletop rentals that will pair beautifully with a Fourth of July backyard party theme. It’s all a matter of what you envision for the event!

Perhaps you decide to go with our Ashley blue and white stripe napkin to make an impact, and pair it with solid linen. Or, choose another design route with our Bridgerton Yale linen, which offers a soft yet elegant white and blue option for your tables.

If a July 4th picnic party theme is what you envision, the blue and white check linen would be a great look!

Add color to your decor by serving a July 4th party signature drink in our cornflower glassware. Or, keep guests hydrated with water in our scarlet water glass.

A table runner is always a nice addition to a table when you want to add that extra element to the design.

With so many options, it can become overwhelming. If you aren’t sure how to design your July 4th event, the team at Atlas is happy to help! Book an appointment and someone from our sales staff will help you easily plan the rentals and design the tables for your event.

Backyard Table and Chair Rentals 

Backyard Table and Chair Rentals 

In addition to the tabletop decor, grill rentals, cooler rentals, and carnival party rentals such as sno cone machine rentals and cotton candy machines, don’t forget the event seating! When hosting an event at your home, you want to ensure that you can accommodate your guests with plenty of seating and table options. Consider the size of your outdoor space in order to determine the best table and chair rentals to meet your needs. Options to rent include picnic tables, standard tables, and chair rentals, to offer guest comfort and adequate seating in your backyard.

4th of July Decorations

You may decide, after reviewing your outdoor layout, that a mix of table and chair rentals for the adults and picnic tables for the kids would be optimal seating for your event.

And even though your event is outdoors, take into consideration the possible need for additional seating indoors if you have guests who will want to cool off in the air conditioning. Extra seating is always a good idea.

Keep in Mind

A tent is not always necessary but may be a valuable addition!

A backyard party does not require a tent. However, a tent may be a necessary rental item to block the sun and keep guests cooler in the shade. If it rains, a tent comes in handy by providing a shield for the outdoor party.

4th of July Party

Should a tent not be rented, it’s important to have a backup plan (also known as Plan B in the events industry) for a backyard party. An event rain date or option to host the Fourth of July party indoors should be considered in advance, should you need to go to Plan B due to inclement weather. A Plan B for inclement weather plan should be communicated to your catering and rental companies so that they are aware as it could affect their delivery and set up.

4th of July Party in Florida

Guest Comfort is Key

Fourth of July backyard parties are fun but are also usually hot! With guest comfort at the forefront of planning, remember to have water and insect repellant readily available. If there isn’t a tent for the event, consider placing seating in areas of shade, adding umbrellas to tables or seating spaces, and possibly giving out little fans to each guest. Fans make a cute party favor while also providing guests with a cool breeze.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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