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Hand-in-Hand: Caterers & Rental Companies


In a perfect world, caterers and rental companies go together like bread and butter. Both services complement each other in the overall event design, and it is hard to imagine one company without the other. You cannot set a buffet without a table and linens, and there is no use for a place setting without a delicious meal.

Benefits on both sides

Caterers need to build a good relationship with rental companies because most do not stock all of their own equipment, so they will likely need rentals for every event. A caterer can offer more items if they work closely with a trusted rental company that can assist in providing linens, equipment, and décor pieces. Clients will appreciate the connection when it means they have one less vendor that they need to research and interview.

On the other hand, rental companies are not typically the first vendor a client thinks of when planning an event, so a solid referral from a caterer can go a long way in new business. Having a strong connection with a caterer provides an opportunity to display products and reach new clients and markets that they may not be able to reach on their own.

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