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A Palm-Accented Destination Wedding In Florida

Jacqueline Nixon and Simon Gowdy met at one of the last places most people want to be set up: a wedding! “My cousin married the younger sister of one of Simon’s close friends,” says Jackie. “The bride sat us across from one another, hoping we’d hit it off (even though I was living in New York and Simon was in Toronto at the time), and she was absolutely right!” The good news is that Jackie is also from Toronto, and the decision to move back home after a year of long-distance dating was an easy one. Shortly thereafter, during a run on a snowy Saturday in December, Simon proposed. “I was totally shocked, and couldn’t wait to celebrate with our families,” she recalls. “Little did I know, Simon had invited them over under the guise of a surprise birthday brunch for me, so we got to tell them all right away!”

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