Heading 1 with h tag

Heading 1 should be above

Heading 2 with h tag

Heading 2 should be above

Heading 3 with h tag

Heading 3 should be above

Heading 4 with h tag

Heading 4 should be above

Heading 5 with h tag

Heading 5 should be above

Strong Font with strong tag

Strong Font should be above

em Font with em tag

em Font should be above


Problem with this css style for h4 tag:

.term-description > p, .master-holder h4 {display: none;}

Fixed by removing .master-holder h4  – whatever term description is the style is still hiding it. Not sure where h4 was being hidden, if at all,  that’s the one thing to figure out.



Problem with this css style for strong tag:

.master-holder strong, .mk-message-box mk-warning-message-box ul {color: #fff !important;}

Fixed with:

.mk-message-box span, .mk-message-box span strong {color: #fff !important;}