Mr. Event: Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers, My favorite holiday is right around the corner: Thanksgiving! There isn’t a part of this holiday that I don’t love. In addition to being thankful for a whole [...]

Frozen Themed Birthday Party

We can’t get enough of the Frozen themed parties! Above you will find Photographer, Chris Joriann’s take on the Frozen Theme. Vendors: florals + décor: mb custom florals party [...]

Inspiration: Glitter

This Delray Beach Wedding takes glitter, gold, pink, and aqua into a marriage of sparkling bliss! The altar was beautifully made out of streamers, the favors sparkled and the flowers were [...]

Inspiration: Mermaid

If you don’t believe in mermaids you may change your mind after seeing this birthday bash created by One Inspired Party. The creativity that went into this ocean affair is endless. Who knew [...]

Inspiration: Preppy

Recently, Heather Horwitz Design used rentals from Atlas Event Rental to create a preppy wedding that leaves you wishing your name was Harrison, Landon or Lilly. This wedding has all the preppy [...]

Inspiration: Lust & Pink

Pink is one of the most romantic colors there is. It is soft, subtle and conjures feelings of love. Recently, the planners at Fabuluxe Events took some of our pink rentals, paired them with some [...]

Mr. Event: Are we bowling or dancing?

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers, I risk opening myself up to possible exposure with this week’s blog. I realize I have written about bowling before and I realize that I may be exposing a [...]

Mr. Event: Salad, Dessert or Both?

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers, First, I want to wish you all a happy New Year! Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? I hope so (or you’re late)! I’ve made mine and I’m already [...]

Mr. Event: The Visionaries!

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers, Before last Friday night I wouldn’t be able to tell you the last time I set foot on a soccer field. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I [...]