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Holiday Table Decor

Popular Holiday Tabletop Designs for 2023

It’s that time of year again when we can talk about holiday table decor and decorating a tabletop for holiday events!

Many holiday events are coming up that require holiday table decorations. From at-home holiday dinners to corporate holiday parties, each event deserves the best holiday tabletop designs that feel festive and special for the season.

Trending Holiday Table Decor

Holiday table decor trends vary from year to year. However, there are also holiday classic decor ideas that never go out of style. Let’s explore what is trending in holiday table decor right now.

Glitz and gold are always popular trends for holiday table decor ideas. Consider the simple elegance of gold chiviari chairs, and sequined or sparkle linen options. The use of metallics in tabletop decorations is also a prevalent event rental trend during the holiday season. 

Sparkle linen for holiday tabletop

You can’t go wrong with traditional tabletop decor for holiday design. Traditional holiday season colors for Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year include shades of reds, greens, blues, golds, and silver which add a festive feeling to the tabletop without ever going out of style. Velvet is a great, timeless fabric for table linens during the holiday season. 

And while traditional event decor is always trending, many people opt to break out of the usual holiday color schemes. It’s more than okay to get creative with holiday tables by mixing red and pink or various shades of color, and go topical if you live in warmer climates – really, anything goes!

Glassware also has an anything-goes style to it at the moment for the holidays. Consider mixing and matching colors and types of glassware styles to make a table statement. We are currently seeing a winter glassware trend towards deeper jewel tones for blue glassware and rich amber shades.

Holiday tabletop with amber glassware and red linen napkins

Upgrading flatware for holiday table designs is a huge trend this time of year in event rentals. Renting flatware is a tabletop “pop” extra that coordinates with the rest of the table setting but elevates the look by adding holiday glam in a subtle, sophisticated way. We can’t keep gold flatware on the shelf this time of year! Gold, black, and even white flatware are great for the holiday season.  

Holiday flatware

Accessories are having a moment! Tabletop accessories are all the craze right now, especially for holiday tabletop designs. Mix ornaments, mementos, menus, and place cards to complement the rentals on your holiday table. The details are very appreciated right now. Consider finding ways to use every accent plate in your table setting, incorporate colored glassware, and tie the napkin with a pretty knot.

Holiday tabletop inspiration

Tabletop Design Ideas 

When hosting a holiday event, event rentals are a great way to complete your tabletop design. Whether you are hosting a holiday event at a venue or home, designing holiday tables can be a mix of tabletop decor items that you have available combined with event rentals. You may have linens for tables or specialty glassware that you would love to use for your holiday table settings.

When designing a holiday tabletop with rentals or home decor items, holiday table linens in shades of reds or blues, velvets for seasonable texture, or winter neutral palettes are always beautiful options that pair well with various chargers, flatware, and chairs that you can rent. Or, maybe you have a set of monogram napkins you want to use for your holiday dinner at home. It’s easy to match those up to beautiful linen from your local event rental company to complete the look.

Take inventory of the items you have on hand (or what the venue is providing) and then speak with your event rental specialist to see which event rentals would complement the tabletop and fit within your budget.

If hosting a holiday season event that does not represent one specific holiday, we recommend a neutral metallic palette of silvers and gold while also considering sequins to add to the holiday glam table.

Neutral holiday tablewear – silver and gold

It’s important to note that often overlooked when designing holiday tables are the chairs. For example, a gold or silver chivari chair can elevate and complete the look of the holiday table design while adding that classic event vibe to the decor scheme.

Tabletop Designs We Love For The Holidays

Plaid linens are a classic way to elevate a table with holiday table linen as the main focus. With the addition of gold elements, a beautiful holiday table can be created with just a few key event rentals. 

We love a neutral holiday tabletop palette. Think neutral tones, metallics, and golds for an elegant setting.

If a simple tabletop design for the holidays is what you are after, consider adding a pop of red or blue, depending on the holiday you are celebrating. 

And as we said earlier, do something different for the holiday such as incorporating pink for the softness with a bold black goblet!

Holiday Tabletop Decor Inspiration – Black goblet

For more tabletop inspiration, check out our specially curated Look Book filled with more looks we love for the holiday season!


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