Is it Time to Expand Your Business?

Opening multiple catering locations is an exciting endeavor and signifies growth and high demand for your services. Having several locations allows you to reach new markets and serve a more [...]

Wedding Related Event Trends in Miami

The latest wedding trends are usually splashed across social media and the magazine aisle of the grocery store, but the wedding-related events, such as bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, [...]

Event Style Trends in Miami

Between the fashion-forward looks, tropical vibe, and year-round summer-like weather, event planners in the South Florida area help to set the event trend for the rest of the country! Events [...]

25 Young Event Pros To Watch 2019

Meet five more fresh faces who are defining the future of special events. MAD ABOUT MIAMI Danielle Blank, 35, event sales associate, Atlas Event Rental, Miami Blank was handed the big job of [...]

Balancing Multiple Event Rental Locations

Many brick-and-mortar companies dream about having multiple locations. More storefronts mean the ability to service more clients and, as a result, increase your bottom line and expand your brand [...]

Working Your Way Up In The Business

When you find a company that feels like the right fit, you understandably want to stay there forever. Still, you want to expand your skill set and take on more responsibilities so your career [...]

Favorite Outdoor Event Season Articles

In honor of the unofficial start to summer, we are rounding up some of our favorite outdoor planning posts! How To Create Intimacy In Outdoor Event Seating – How to create intimacy in outdoor [...]

Designing Tables 101

Scan any event-themed Pinterest board or flip through any wedding magazine and you’ll find tablescapes in abundance. Crisp, bold linens, one-of-a-kind centerpieces, and elaborate place settings [...]

One of A Kind Food Presentation

More than ever, today’s event client is looking for one-of-a-kind design styles with details that truly impress their guests. The tricky part is that clients often don’t know what they want—just [...]

Designing Tables 101

Scan any event-themed Pinterest board or flip through any wedding magazine and you’ll find tablescapes in abundance. Crisp, bold linens, one-of-a-kind centerpieces and elaborate place settings [...]

Growing Strategically

  The goal of many businesses, no matter how big or small, is growth. You might be hoping for more revenue or increased capacity to allow you to meet greater demand. Growth could mean adding [...]

Staffing During The Busy Season

Event rentals and catering are seasonal businesses which present a staffing challenge. You don’t need all of your employees year-round, but when you do, you want to be trained, responsible staff [...]

Rental Must-Haves For Wedding Season

Wedding season is just around the corner and it’s time to start making your rental plans. High temperatures, outdoor events and inclement weather are all special considerations during the warmer [...]

Cultivating a Client Experience

Client experience has always been important, but it is now more critical than ever. Instant access to numerous vendors via event planning websites and social media can swipe a lead from you [...]

Expanding Your Business Into New Markets

Are you considering expanding your events business? While there are many different factors that might push you in this direction, there are also common indicators and best practices to know [...]

Becoming Your Rental Company’s BFF

Events are such unpredictable beasts. When things go wrong, the strength of a team becomes immediately apparent. Collaboration can save the day, and it is hard to find a better ally than a great [...]

Rental Must-Haves For The Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here, and clients are getting excited about their upcoming celebrations. Among the best ways to transform a room from everyday okay to seasonal sensation is to choose the [...]

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