5 Reasons to Collaborate With Your Vendors

When it comes to events, vendor collaboration—aka teamwork—is everything. Here are five reasons why it’s important to build deeper relationships with your vendors, as well as the best ways to [...]

Color and Custom Looks to Rule 2020

Bold, bright, and custom are the words to describe the trends we are seeing this year in event design. Whether it be through tabletop items, linens, or even chairs, event pros are seeing the move [...]

One Book, One Community Campaign

  The literacy coalition of Palm Beach County kicks off its annual One Book, One Community Campaign by asking three local designers to creative stunning tabletops inspired by classic novels. [...]

Hiring Tips & Tricks

    If you have been through the hiring process before, you know that it can take quite a toll on a company’s productivity. From writing job descriptions to interviewing candidates, [...]

Trend Alert: Bold and Vibrant Hues

  Goodbye pastels, sayonara moody tones, and hello vibrancy! 2020 is most certainly a year of going big and bold with color palettes and we could not be more excited. We have seen a bit of [...]

Event Rental Trends for 2020

From garden chic to modern minimalist, we have seen all sorts of trends come and go in the special events industry. Some are mere fads, lasting only a short while, and others are fashions that [...]

Partnering with Companies Just Like Yours

  When you think about industry collaborations, there are likely some partnerships that naturally make sense. Designers and photographers, venues and caterers, rental companies and florists, [...]

How to Combat Wedding Season Fatigue

    The start of the event season is always filled with excitement and anticipation, but there tends to be a point somewhere in the middle where the days start to blur and you feel like [...]

How Role-Playing Can Help Your Business

  Every day presents new challenges in the workplace, and it is easy to assume that you just have to play it by ear. Sure, there are bound to be some situations that are unexpected and catch [...]

Consultation Tips & Tricks

Consultations are where the magic happens. They present an opportunity to start creating a vision with your client and getting an idea for the direction they want to take for their celebration. [...]

Trend Alert: Autumn Inspiration

The dog days of summer will soon be in our rearview as we welcome the cozy nature of autumn. Fall is a time for new starts and fresh trends, especially in the events industry where our design [...]

Pre & Post Event Evaluations

As we all know, an event isn’t merely about day-of production. Instead, it’s a detailed process leading up, as well as the follow-up procedures after an event. Your diligence in preparation and [...]

Is it Time to Expand Your Business?

Opening multiple catering locations is an exciting endeavor and signifies growth and high demand for your services. Having several locations allows you to reach new markets and serve a more [...]

Wedding Related Event Trends in Miami

The latest wedding trends are usually splashed across social media and the magazine aisle of the grocery store, but the wedding-related events, such as bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, [...]

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