Mr. Event’s Three Tips for Thanksgiving entertaining

Mr. Event’s Three Tips for Thanksgiving entertaining

Can you believe we are in the midst of the holiday season? Does it bother anyone else that it is 100 degrees out? It seems very hard to get into the holiday spirit when I just spent a day at the beach and had to leave because it was too hot. Regardless, the holidays are here and I want to share some of my favorite tips for entertaining.

Tip 1: Get funky with shapes

Did you know that most rental companies carry a variety of shaped china? The days of only round plates are way over. Atlas has this amazing Triangle china set that would be perfect to serve all of your delicious pies on. You know by now that presentation matters and a triangle shaped pie slice on a triangle plate is sure to get you major detail points.

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Our Pink Scribble linen is perfect to add a little pop to your Thanksgiving tables. The scribbles will give you that touch of brown you are used to using in your Thanksgiving decor. Our new gold Parker flatware is the perfect addition. Use it to eat all the pie you will be serving on your white triangle plate.


Tip 2: Don’t limit yourself to fall colors

Let’s get crazy here people and use a pop of pink on our Thanksgiving table. No one ever said we had to use the colors of nature in our holiday table design. The holidays are all about fun and family. Use your Thanksgiving table to express yourself and your style. Think about the things you are thankful for and use that as inspiration for your table décor. If you asked me, I would say I am thankful for color and I love seeing it used on a table!


Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to call the professionals

There is nothing wrong with calling in a caterer to help with your feast. I get it, part of the Thanksgiving cheer is cooking in the kitchen and reminiscing with family about yesteryear. However, you don’t need to sweat over cooking the perfect turkey just to laugh and smile about the past. Imagine all of the time you would have to spend with the family if you called in a called in a caterer to do the cooking. Try it once and let us know how it goes.

Now that you have our top three tips all that there is left to do is add your guests!