Mr. Event: There’s an APP for That!

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers,

I actually remember a time before phone APPs existed. Believe it or not, but I remember a time before cell-phones existed! I’m not old enough to remember a time before phones themselves existed, but I can imagine it was quite a place.

Nowadays there’s an APP for everything . . . including events!

I recently went to Sunfest in West Palm Beach. It’s a great music festival! The Bangles were there this year! No lie! I almost proposed to Susanna Hoffs, but unfortunately the Sunfest APP didn’t do that.

Anyway, the APP did a lot of great things including listing the bands that were playing and allowing you to make a personalized schedule for which ones you wanted to see.

That was great, but the most impressive part was something I didn’t know it could do. On Saturday, there were some pretty serious storm clouds rolling in. People were worried. One of the people I was with was wondering what would happen if it started to rain. Would the bands still play?

I didn’t know, but the APP did! The organizers of Sunfest sent out a nice message telling everyone that everything was going to be okay. That they’d let us know if any of the bands were going to have to not perform and when it would be okay again.

It wasn’t super impressive by today’s standards, but it was nice. The Mr. Event takeaway this time was that it just goes to show what good planning can do. Using technology is easier than ever. I’m not sure that every event needs an APP, but I have seen it at more places than just Sunfest. A beerfest used one to map out its participants. If you’re throwing an event, and there can be a use for something like this, look into it. Your guests might really be impressed!