Mr. Event: The Art of Food

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers,

Before last week, if someone came up to me with a can of spray paint and proceeded to paint my dinner in crazy fluorescent colors, there would have been a problem.

I mean like a throw-down-there’s-a-hospital-in-someone’s-future kind of problem.

This week, if someone isn’t spray painting my food, I’m kind of bored.

At the MPI Battle of the Beaches Event (which was awesome and held in Atlas Event Rental’s Warehouse!), the winning caterer really stepped out of the box with both their display AND their food.

As I wrote about earlier, this event was a battle between caterers from South Beach and Palm Beach. Each caterer was responsible for their own menus AND creating a memorable display that would attract guests to their stations where they would hopefully earn their votes as best caterer.

Chez Gourmet brought it! Not only did they win, they did so with a great display and great food.

They served a delicious shrimp tempura. It was very good in its own right, but then there were two things that brought it to a whole other level.

First, let me explain their set design because that has a great deal to do with their cuisine offering. True to the theme of the event, Chez Gourmet set up their section like a back alley in New York’s Art District. They had a brick wall motif with spray paint graffiti. The graffiti made its way to the food!

Chez served a delicious shrimp tempura. To the side of the main display, there were a number of different sauces and brushes. You would literally “paint” the sauce of your choice onto the shrimp with brushes! Then, they had edible spray paint that you could use to color the shrimp, plate or anything else you wanted to! So, not only did you get a delicious piece of shrimp, but you also got to create your own work of art with it!

It really was an amazing set up and I was very impressed! It brought interactive experiences to a whole new level. I love food. I love eating. I love going to events and sampling the work from a great host of caterers, and until last week, I thought the only differences would be in flavor profiles.

I was wrong.

Chez Gourmet produced a great experience on every level. I have never seen anything like it and I hope it isn’t the last time!