MR. Event: The Tailgate!

I have to admit something: I’m relatively new to the phenomenon known as tailgating. It’s true. Either I never had friends who did it, never had friend period or was just too lame to be someone who engaged in pre-event celebrations in the parking lot of concerts and sporting events. The college I went to was in a city where maybe one kid had a car and we didn’t have very strong sports teams.

It wasn’t until recently that I have experienced the glory of the tailgate!

I have seen them. I’ve know what they are, but I never participated. I would smell the meats cooking on grills and always thought it was a great thing, but I never saw the sense of getting rowdy in a parking lot.

Until I did it for real!

I am a student of history. I like reading about military history in particular. In most histories, the narrators talk about the importance of an army being able to make camp and leave camp very quickly.

I never understood that until I went tailgating! I mean, it’s epic. I don’t know if it was always like this, but recent years have seen some massive displays.

I’ve seen guys pull up in trucks that have full entertainment systems in them: TV’s, sound systems, Xboxes, etc.. I’ve seen people bust out tables and chairs that I know they rented. Where else are they going to put all the food from their grills and coolers? I mean I’ve seen people eating lobster! Some even bring chaffing dishes!

The most insane thing I’ve seen though had to be the portable bathroom. You heard that right. It might sound a little disgusting at first, but it was really quite ingenious. It was an individual tent that you set up with a portable . . . you know. . . inside of it! At first I thought it was crazy . . . until I had to stand in line with hundreds of people to get into the traditional portable toilets . . . and we all know what that was like!

The Mr. Event take away of the week is simple: you can have a party anywhere . . . even in the middle of a parking lot. All you need is a few rental chairs and tables, a portable entertainment system and a portable . . . you know. . . and the proper motivation and you can eat and party like a king!