Mr. Event: Summer Style

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers,

I have been going to many events for Atlas Event Rental for a long time now. I’ve blogged about different events and weddings I’ve gone to, and even a few I’ve planned (small family parties).

So I asked my friends at Atlas Event Rental to take me along to one of their stylized photo shoots.

I know it wasn’t a big event itself, but I usually show up at parties with other guests. I rarely get to see what goes into making one happen. I figured that a stylized photo shoot would give me at least some idea of the planning process.

I was right. Atlas was nice enough to let me come to a shoot with Jemma Coleman of Jemma Coleman Photography.

I saw the planning process for what they described would be a beautiful summer/spring time outdoor wedding.

What became most clear to me is that an outdoor event can truly be approached like a blank canvas. From beach weddings to weddings in areas surrounded by grass and trees, the natural settings of the outdoors (especially in Florida), make for an amazing canvas.

In this photo shoot, the theme was preppy (which, as I gather, is the current trend). Pinks, blues and bamboo chairs made this décor really stand out.

Yes, this was shot in the middle of the field, but you might have noticed there were elements from the beach. It is like the melding of two worlds and the outside is the perfect place to do it.

The Mr. Event takeaway of the week with this: You can use any setting to do what you want with, including the outdoors. My only thought with an outdoor wedding or event is that you should probably consider having a tent or a plan B in case of bad weather. You can even get outdoor air conditioners that work in tents to keep your guests cool! Just don’t let your vision be compromised and you’ll be perfect!

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