Mr. Event: Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers,

My favorite holiday is right around the corner: Thanksgiving!

There isn’t a part of this holiday that I don’t love. In addition to being thankful for a whole bunch of stuff, I love the food and the particular way that my family celebrates not only Thanksgiving, but the day after!

I have a large family . . . as I may have mentioned a time or five before! We don’t always get to see each other and some of my family travels quite far to celebrate together. I think this is true of many families in America. You can understand that we have an enormous feast on Thanksgiving night. So enormous, it’s virtually impossible to finish all the food, unless my Uncle Dave is there. Then you have to fight for every last scrap!

I jest of course. When my Uncle Dave comes we just make extra!

So we have always had to deal with the ramifications of having so many leftovers. Years and years ago, we would just pass them to people walking out the door. Completely efficient way to deal with extra food, but there wasn’t any fun in it. Then, one year, one of my sisters noted that on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we didn’t all get to see the visiting members of the family again. They would all retreat to different homes that could offer beds or even hotel rooms.

She had a great idea: The Thanksgiving Leftover Competition!

Basically, instead of dividing all the leftovers and passing them out to departing family members, one person keeps all of them. The next day, 4-5 (or more if they want) members of the family head back and prepare “Signature Dishes” from the leftovers! Then, the rest of the family gets back together and we judge (by secret ballot) on the best Thanksgiving Leftover!

Each year it has gotten progressively more insane! Everyone pitches in $10 and the winner takes home a hefty sum! One year, my youngest nephew stunned everyone with an impressive turkey Shepard’s pie!

Last year, some of our neighbors even got in on the action! This year, we have to rent extra tables and chairs to accommodate the extra people we’re expecting! The winnings are up to around $700!

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m taking it this year with a sweet recipe of . . . .well, I can’t tell you that! I don’t want to ruin my chances!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!