Mr. Event: Get the Rules Straight!

Dear Atlas Blog Readers,

I don’t want to talk about the Superbowl as it may just reveal my allegiances and give a hint to where I may have grown up so . . .

. . . I’ve said too much already.

What I do want to talk about is a Superbowl party. That is something we can all relate to. This is the football party of the year where those of us who pay attention to it all year long end up sitting next to someone who literally is watching it for the first time.

Then you get questions like, “I like the guys wearing purple and black. Where are they from?” or “Why are they kicking the ball through those yellow thingys?”

Don’t tell me it hasn’t happened to you.

This particular year, I attended a party on a roof deck. Beautiful panoramic views of Florida and the ocean and all that. Nice pool and a great area where the big game was projected in HD on a wall. It was pretty sweet . . . until the party wanted to start.

Here was the problem: It was at a condo high-rise. This was the first time the organizer had done anything like this. They had planned it for months and thought they crossed all the “t’s” and dotted all the “i’s”. They were wrong.

Apparently, the concierge who was responsible for setting up reservations believed that you could bring serving containers that were made out of glass (for example glass beer bottles). The concierge was also wrong.

When we got to the roof deck and started setting up, security came over and told us we couldn’t have glass anywhere on the pool/roof deck. That was a problem. We had been told it was okay if we kept them in a certain area. The security guards disagreed.

You can’t argue with security guards any more than you can argue with a bully. It will get you nowhere fast. In this case, it got us to the point where we couldn’t enjoy many of the beverages we brought with us.

It shouldn’t have been a big deal. IF we had gotten the correct information in the first place, we would have purchased our drinks in cans or made other arrangements. However, it’s a bit difficult to adapt when the opening kick-off is flying through the air and a security guard is standing over your shoulder making sure that you don’t try to have any fun.

Make sure, when you’re organizing an event, that you know exactly what the rules are. You can always change plans days ahead, but it’s almost impossible to make a change when the event is already taking place.