Mr. Event: Are we bowling or dancing?

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers,

I risk opening myself up to possible exposure with this week’s blog. I realize I have written about bowling before and I realize that I may be exposing a part of myself that could be used to track me down. After this goes public, I may have to enter the underground bowling circuit for a little while until the heat blows over!

Bowling alleys, in my experience, have been pretty standard since the 1970s. Yes, there are some that are “newer” but bowling alleys have been bowling alleys for a looooooong time. Not all that much you can do with a building that requires long wooden floors and giant machines that sort bowling pins and spit back large, weighted balls underground to where you’re standing.

That was until I stepped into a new bowling alley that was built two months ago. I don’t know if I can really call it a bowling alley alone. It’s more like an adult play land, but it isn’t like a Dave and Busters. It was classy.

Can you say that in the same sentence? Bowling and classy? You can now.

The alley itself has leather couches instead of plastic seats. There was a full bar that you would find in a nightclub and even a full menu with a waitress that came to our lane and brought us whatever our hearts desired the whole night! There were also large screen TVs that had on a variety of sporting events and music videos. It really was a great time . . . but there was one thing that killed me.

As has been the fashion on weekends, bowling alleys turn into semi-discos. You know what I mean: They turn the lights off above the lanes, turn on strobes and lasers and blast the music.

Now, this is a fine thing if you like clubs, but when you just want to bowl a perfect game, it gets ind of hard.

Have you ever been standing there with a 7lb bowling ball clutched in your hand pouring all of your concentration into the perfect throw that is going to lead to a strike that allows you to turn and rub it in the face of your closest friends and family? You start to move in one fluid, graceful motion and then


A laser in the shape of a four leaf clover or something hits you right in the eye and pierces your very soul! The ball slips out of your hand and flies 10 lanes over and smashes into some poor little kid who was (until that moment) have the best birthday party of their entire lives.

It’s a total bummer man. I mean a real bummer. On a scale of one to ten (one being a mild bummer and ten being an epic bummer) it was a 1,405.

Here’s my Mr. Event Takeaway from this experience:

I have been to many events in my time. Depending on the event, guests come to expect certain experiences. If I go to a wedding, I’m expecting to see a couple get married, some kind of reception and dancing. If I go to a networking event, I expect some food, some drinks and a whole lot of business cards. What would happen at a networking event if it was unbelievably hard to talk to someone? Or if you went to a wedding and there was no bride and groom. It would mess you up.

Always remember, when you throw an event, your guests are most likely coming into it with some kind of expectation. I’m not saying you can’t think out of the box, but always, ALWAYS remember to stay true to the real reasons why people are coming.

In truth, I’m not sure if I’m going to head back to that bowling alley all that soon. It was like a club almost more than a bowling alley. If I want to bowl for real, it might not be my destination. If I want to go to a club, I’ll go to a club.