Double Mint . . . Wedding?!

Dear Atlas Event Rental Blog Readers,

So I didn’t think it could happen, but I witnessed something that I never expected to see with my own eyes.

A double wedding.

Yeah. A double wedding. Are you disappointed? Thought I was going to say something like aliens or something right? That’s another blog on a different kind of website!

We’ve probably all heard of double weddings. Maybe we’ve seen them on TV. I can remember a few times of even seeing large numbers of people getting married together for some reason like New Year’s Eve or a special religious (or non-religious) date.

That wasn’t what this was. Nope. This was two sisters.

“Two sisters?!” you ask.

Yup. Two sisters.

“What two sisters want to have a double wedding?” you may wonder.

A good question. The answer: these two sisters.

Of course, it wasn’t always the plan. They aren’t twins or anything like that. They just happened to get engaged at the same time.

They could have had two weddings, but here was the thought process: They both knew that their families, and the families of their fiancés, were scattered all over the world. It would have been a real bummer to ask their families to take TWO trips for TWO separate weddings in the span of only a few months, or even a year.

What would have happened if one cousin, or uncle or some other relative came to one and not the other?!

They really wanted to make it easy on their family and thought of them first. You know I love it when even organizers think of their guests!

Here’s the unique thing about this wedding beyond that it was a double wedding. It really wasn’t a double wedding . . . it was a double reception! The brides had two separate ceremonies, but shared the reception! Isn’t that a great idea?!

It was a HUGE party. There were close to 450 people there. The wedding parties had opposite sides of the dance floor and one side was for one sister and the other was for the other. But it was really a great time! I never thought I would see a father dance with two of his daughters on the day of their wedding at the same time! What was more was that everyone was in love with how fun the concept was. There was even one bridesmaid who was in both wedding parties. She switched dresses half way through!

The Mr. Event takeaway of the week is this: Sometimes we all imagine big days in our lives going a certain way and then they end up being completely different. That isn’t a bad thing especially if you think out of the box and come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.