I can’t fit that rectangle into a circle!

Unfortunately, not all things in life are as easy as choosing the right linen for a circular table. . . like choosing the right linen for a rectangular table! Read the blog below to learn about the former, and continue reading here to get a bit more technical.

The success of any event is the sum of all of its parts: The bar, the dance floor, the linens, the décor, the table ware and flowers all add up to leave a specific impression on a guest. Making tiny mistakes, or overlooking the small details, can add together very quickly to throw an event into peril. . . no matter how well conceived it was.

Getting something like a linen table cover may seem like an easy thing, but make sure that you pay attention to the details!

Choosing a rectangular linen table cover is different from choosing linen for a circular table. Again, you want to make sure that you have linen that is big enough to touch the floor and not too big to clump around your guest’s feet.

Follow these steps when picking a rectangular table linen (8 foot table):

  • Standard width of an 8 foot table is 30 inches. The standard height of a table is also 30 inches.
  • Take the height, 60 inches (there are two ends of a rectangular table) and add it to the length (8 ft. or 96 inches). So 96 + 60 = 156 inches. This is the length of the linen you will need.
  • Then, take the height again (60 inches for two sides of the table) and add it to the width of the table, 30 inches for a total of 90 inches.
  • Now, you have your two dimensions: Height and Length. For an 8 foot rectangular table, your linen should be 90 inches by 156 inches.

Once you have your table linens you’re one step closer to the most important part of any event. . . adding guests!